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Rosco Image Spot IP65 Rosco Image Spot IP65
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Slim Dimmer Plus 1800W
Trusst Quick Truss Goal Post
Vincent Lighting Systems - Product Index
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"Red" Fog Fluid 20 Liter Bottle
1 And A Half Inch Tight Pin Hinge
1 Liter Rosco Regular Fog Fluid
1 Liter Rosco Stage & Studio Fog Fluid
1.5" Swivel Cheeseboro Clamp
10' PowerCon Extension Cable
10' Stage Pin Extension 20A
10' XLR 5 Pin DMX Cable
1000 Watt Quartz Followspot w/ Stand, FEL Lamp Included w/PBG
12 x 10A SmartPack Portable with PowerCon®
12 x 10A SmartPack Portable with Stage Pin
12/3 SOOW Power Cable Black
15' XLR 5 Pin DMX Cable
150 Watt LED Phoenix w/ Cast Alum. Lens Housing
15-30 Degree PHX LED ZOOM PROFILE SPOT 3K Warm White
19 Degree PLProfile4 LED Luminaire *Discontinued
2 Inch Loose Pin Hinge
2 Inch Tight Pin Hinges
2" Pro Launcher Air Cannon 110V
20' C-Series Streamer - Multi Colour
2018 Vincent Lighting Open House Info
25 GRAM CO2 Cartridges
25' Stage Pin Extension Cable
25' XLR 5 Pin DMX Cable
26 Degree PLProfile4 LED Luminaire *Discontinued
290mm (12in) Truss, 2-Way, 90° Corner
290mm (12in) Truss, 3-Way, 90° Corner
3' E60 Nylon Sling
3.0m Truss Scrim
3/8 inch Black Fiberglass Sleeve
30-55 Degree PHX LED ZOOM PROFILE SPOT 3K Warm White
36 Degree PLProfile4 LED Luminaire *Discontinued
38 GRAM CO2 Cartridges
4 Circuit SmartModule 2
4 Liter Rosco Stage & Studio Fog Fluid
400W Mini-FastFit MSR Gold Lamp
410 Watt Quartz Black w/ Stand, FLE Lamp Included w/PBG
4'-6" PortaBarre With Carrying Case
5' XLR 5 Pin DMX Cable
50 Degree PLProfile4 LED Luminaire *Discontinued
500-1000 Watt 14" Quartz Focusing Scoop w/ Safety Screen
500-1000 Watt 16" Quartz Scoop w/ Safety Screen
6' E60 Nylon Sling
6 x 20A SmartPack Portable with Edison
60 Inch Medium Weight Muslin (Non Fire Retardent)
7 Brush Set
7 in. Source Four Fresnel (Black or White)
750 Watt LightPack Dimmer
8 Brush Set
800 Lb Heavy Duty Wagon Brake
9' PortaBarre With Carrying Case
9D Power Fog Industrial 110V
Adapter Stage Pin Male To Edison Female
Adapter Twist-Lock Female To Stage Pin Male
AF-3 Antari Fan
Air Cannon 110V
All Purpose Floor Cleaner 1 Gallon
Altman 250W 19deg 3K LED Phoenix
Altman 250W 19deg 5K LED Phoenix
Altman 250W 19deg RGBA LED Phoenix
Altman 250W 19deg RGBW LED Phoenix
Altman 250W 26deg 3K LED Phoenix
Altman 250W 26deg 5K LED Phoenix
Altman 250W 26deg RGBA LED Phoenix
Altman 250W 36deg 3K LED Phoenix
Altman 250W 36deg 5K LED Phoenix
Altman 250W 36deg RGBA LED Phoenix
Altman 250W 36deg RGBW LED Phoenix
Altman 250W 50deg 3K LED Phoenix
Altman 250W 50deg 5K LED Phoenix
Altman 250W 50deg RGBA LED Phoenix
Altman 250W 50deg RGBW LED Phoenix
Altman 3" Inkie Fresnel
Altman 7.5" 4 Door 8 Leaf Barndoor
Altman Multi-Purpose Stagehand Wrench
Altman PAR 64 Stage Light
Amhaze™ II Haze Machine
Antari F-1 Water Base Touring Fazer
Antari F-7 Arena Fog/Faze Hybrid
Antari Low Lying Fog Generator
Apollo 0000 Clear Gel
Apollo 1050 Soft Diffusion
Apollo 1100 Hard Diffusion
Apollo 1150 Linear Diffusion
Apollo 1200 Early Morning Frost
Apollo 1400 Weaved Diffusion
Apollo 1450 Light Weaved Diffusion
Apollo 1500 Flat Diffusion
Apollo 1550 Textured Diffusion
Apollo 1600 White Diffusion
Apollo 1650 Light Textured Diffusion
Apollo 1800 Red Diffusion
Apollo 1900 Blue Diffusion
Apollo 1950 Green Diffusion
Apollo 2000 Blue full CTB
Apollo 2010 Blue 3/4 CTB
Apollo 2020 Blue 1/2 CTB Color Correction Filter
Apollo 2030 Blue 1/3 CTB Color Correction Filter
Apollo 2040 Blue 1/4 CTB Color Correction Filter
Apollo 2080 Blue 1/8 CTB Color Correction Filter
Apollo 2090 Blue 2X CTB Color Correction Filter
Apollo 2100 Orange Full CTO Color Correction Filter
Apollo 2110 Orange 3/4 CTO Color Correction Filter
Apollo 2120 Orange 1/2 CTO Color Correction Filter
Apollo 2140 Orange 1/4 CTO Color Correction Filter
Apollo 2180 Orange 1/8 CTO Color Correction Filter
Apollo 2190 Orange 2X CTO Color Correction Filter
Apollo 2310 .3 Neutral Density Intensity Filter
Apollo 2320 .6 Neutral Density Intensity Filter
Apollo 2330 .9 Neutral Density Intensity Filter
Apollo 3000 Simply Mauvelous Color Filter
Apollo 3050 Purple Mist Color Filter
Apollo 3100 Precious Purple Color Filter
Apollo 3150 Sour Grape Color Filter
Apollo 3180 Purplexed Color Filter
Apollo 3200 Submissive Lavender Color Filter
Apollo 3230 Lavender Retriever Color Filter
Apollo 3250 Dominant Lavender Color Filter
Apollo 3270 Not What You Pink Color Filter
Apollo 3300 Whispering Lavender Color Filter
Apollo 3350 Breathless Lavender Color Filter
Apollo 3400 Luscious Lilac Color Filter
Apollo 3450 Bodacious Blueberry Color Filter
Apollo 3500 Apollo Lavender Color Filter
Apollo 3520 Alexander The Grape Color Filter
Apollo 3540 Malice Blue Color Filter
Apollo 3550 Late Night Lavender Color Filter
Apollo 3600 Flirtatious Lavender Color Filter
Apollo 3700 Groovy Grape Color Filter
Apollo 3800 Cowboys & Indigo Color Filter
Apollo 3850 King Congo Blue Color Filter
Apollo 3900 Voodoo Lavender Color Filter
Apollo 4050 Seductive Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4100 Mournful Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4130 Blurple Color Filter
Apollo 4150 New York Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4200 Bright Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4250 Apollo Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4270 Rhythm & Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4300 London Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4350 Sultry Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4400 After Hours Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4450 Heavenly Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4500 Ozone Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4600 Electric Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4630 Kablueie Color Filter
Apollo 4650 Crisp Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4680 Blue Moon Color Filter
Apollo 4700 Timid Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4720 Baby Boy Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4750 Monday Morning Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4800 Ice Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4830 Blue My Mind Color Filter
Apollo 4850 Robin's Egg Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4870 Bluetylicious Color Filter
Apollo 4900 Island Blue Color Filter
Apollo 4950 Caribbean Blue Color Filter
Apollo Cool Slaw Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Cotton Candy Enhanced Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Custom 24 Color Gel String 7.25 Inch
Apollo Custom Glass B&W Gobo SR-ORI
Apollo Custom Glass Gobo Copy
Apollo Custom Glass SR Duplicates
Apollo Custom Steel Duplicate Gobo MC-DUP
Apollo Custom Steel Duplicates
Apollo Custom Steel Original Pattern Gobo MC-ORI
Apollo Easter Egg Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Enchanted Sea Enhanced Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Fire Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Gobo C2-0145 Bouquet of Roses
Apollo Gobo C2-0152 I Love You
Apollo Gobo C2-0153 Lips
Apollo Gobo C2-0154 Be My Valentine
Apollo Gobo C2-0155 Love
Apollo Gobo CS-0045 U.S. Waving Flag
Apollo Gobo CS-0110 Crucifix & Clouds
Apollo Gobo CS-0117 American Flag Waving
Apollo Gobo CS-0118 American Flag Close Up
Apollo Gobo CS-0119 American Flag Flat
Apollo Gobo CS-0142 Candy Hearts
Apollo Gobo CS-0171 Flag Twirl
Apollo Gobo CS-2466 Rainbow Hearts
Apollo Gobo CS-3413 Jesus on Cross
Apollo Gobo CS-3414 Chicks
Apollo Gobo CS-3415 Bunny With Basket
Apollo Gobo CS-3416 Bunny Hopping
Apollo Gobo HE-1083 Flowing US Flag
Apollo Gobo HE-1217 Flag And Staff
Apollo Gobo MS-0200 Fleur De Gras
Apollo Gobo MS-1002 Foliage Breakup 2
Apollo Gobo MS-1013 Breakup Bamboo
Apollo Gobo MS-1032 Water Shimmering
Apollo Gobo MS-1057 1057 Star Breakup
Apollo Gobo MS-1071 Bamboo Realistic
Apollo Gobo MS-1072 Moving Clouds
Apollo Gobo MS-1073 Somber Clouds
Apollo Gobo MS-1084 Hemp Breakup
Apollo Gobo MS-1085 Stars Radial
Apollo Gobo MS-1099 Row Of Stars
Apollo Gobo MS-1102 Clouds Full
Apollo Gobo MS-1103 Clouds Puffy
Apollo Gobo MS-1104 Clouds Thin
Apollo Gobo MS-1105 Clouds Scattered
Apollo Gobo MS-1112 Clouds Stormy
Apollo Gobo MS-2004 Persian Lace
Apollo Gobo MS-2009 Wind Drifts
Apollo Gobo MS-2128 Show Stars
Apollo Gobo MS-2197 Shatter Light
Apollo Gobo MS-2210 Star
Apollo Gobo MS-2219 Back Stabber
Apollo Gobo MS-2242 Water Waves Ocean
Apollo Gobo MS-2244 Water Rain Shower
Apollo Gobo MS-2247 Cobblestone
Apollo Gobo MS-2260 Dots Med.
Apollo Gobo MS-2271 Twister
Apollo Gobo MS-2329 Stars Spiral
Apollo Gobo MS-2417 Star Circles
Apollo Gobo MS-2444 Breakup Music Notes
Apollo Gobo MS-2449 Peacock Feathers
Apollo Gobo MS-2523 American Flag Flat
Apollo Gobo MS-2552 Star Arches
Apollo Gobo MS-2553 Super Stars
Apollo Gobo MS-2554 Star Curve
Apollo Gobo MS-2569 Thorned Frill
Apollo Gobo MS-3003 Iwo Jima
Apollo Gobo MS-3018 Pumpkin Scared
Apollo Gobo MS-3022 Bat Demon
Apollo Gobo MS-3025 Flying Witch
Apollo Gobo MS-3031 Halloween Haunted House
Apollo Gobo MS-3036 Happy Halloween
Apollo Gobo MS-3045 Crazy Witch
Apollo Gobo MS-3059 Real Graveyard
Apollo Gobo MS-3060 Skull
Apollo Gobo MS-3065 Halloween Graveyard
Apollo Gobo MS-3073 Halloween Web
Apollo Gobo MS-3091 Web 1
Apollo Gobo MS-3092 Web 2
Apollo Gobo MS-3238 Snowflake
Apollo Gobo MS-3326 Whimsical Hearts
Apollo Gobo MS-3328 Love In Heart
Apollo Gobo MS-3398 Crown Of Thorns
Apollo Gobo MS-3411 Christ
Apollo Gobo MS-3420 Jesus
Apollo Gobo MS-3421 IXOYE
Apollo Gobo MS-3422 Christ On Donkey
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