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* Discontinued Osram FFS 1000W WFL PAR64 Lamp
Osram FFS 1000W WFL PAR64 Lamp

* Discontinued Osram FFS 1000W WFL PAR64 Lamp

Osram Sylvania

Part Number 56216
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PLEASE NOTE:  As of 12/13/18 Osram has asked us not to sell this lamp. They are experiencing a manufacturing problem which can cause lenses to detach, or in rare cases even shatter.  They are working on a solution and we will update this as we learn more. Please contact us for alternative suggestions.

PAR Cans are a standard fixture in theatrical and concert lighting. To get the most light output, and consistent performance, turn to Osram Sylvania's FFS 1,000W lamp. This wide flood lamp fits all PAR64 luminaires and offers a 20 degree vertical, 60 degree horizontal shaped beam.

  • ANSI Code: FFS. Average Rated Life: 800 hours. Centerbeam Candlepower: 40,000lm. Color Rendering Index: 100. Color Temperature: 3200K. Diameter: 8.071 inches. Filament: CC-6.
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