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3' E60 Nylon Sling
3' E60 Nylon Sling

3' E60 Nylon Sling

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3' Spanset Nylon Sling
Part Number: NSE60X03B
Attaching truss to your rigging, deadhung points and chain motors is serious business, you need a serious sling. 

With Tuff Tag identification, rigging crews will immediately recognize the LiftAll Tuflex Roundsling spansets as a high quality lifting and rigging device. These nylon slings can be easily inspected for exposed red core warning yarn and logged thanks to their permanent serialized Tuff Tags. 

Riggers hang truss, pipes and overhead equipment using these strong and durable roundslings. The low stretch 3' nylon sling is great for chokers, baskets and loops.

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