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7 in. Source Four Fresnel (Black or White)
Source Four Fresnel

7 in. Source Four Fresnel (Black or White)

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Retail Price:$460.00
ETC Source Four Fresnel (Black or White) Built For The HPL Lamp
Part Number: 7064A1001

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ETC built this Fresnel around the HPL lamp to allow customers greater efficiency and simplicity. It provides the soft beam and wide zoom focus range of a Fresnel spotlight but adds the convenience of the Source Four family of stage lighting fixtures. 

Just like the rest of the lineup, it can be lamped at 375W, 575W, or 750W using the same HPL Lamps that you already keep on hand. 

A sliding yoke mount and bottom lamp access door make it easy to position the fixture or change lamps. Choose the ETC Source Four 7" Fresnel for 1,000W performance from a 750W lamp!

Browse the Source Four Fresnel Datasheet for more information.

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