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Apollo Diffusion Gel Pack

Apollo Diffusion Gel Pack

Apollo Design Technology

Part Number AP-GP12DI
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The Apollo Diffusion Gel pack allows you to alter the quality of a light beam by softening the edge, spreading the beam and reducing intensity. The kit includes six different levels of diffusion from soft to blue diffusion. Each diffusion gel sheet in this kit decreases the intensity of light and can be used for presenting different lighting effects. The Apollo Gel Pack includes twelve, 12" x 12" assorted color filter sheets inside a re-sealable plastic blag and a colorful graphic slip sheet including gel tips and ideas.

Apollo Diffusion Gel Pack:
  • AP1050 Soft Diffusion (2) - Moderate diffusion. Softens hard edges and shadows. Good for CYC scallops.
  • AP1100 Hard Diffusion (2) - Extreme diffusion. Good for softening very harsh edged light with a cloudy day look.
  • AP1150 Linear Diffusion (2)- Creates a horizontal or vertical slash of light for stretching light along the stage and props while maintaining beam density.
  • AP1600 White Diffusion (2)- Most extreme diffusion. Yellows light output and softens shadows considerably. Good for softening lines in skin.
  • AP1650 Light Textured Diffusion (2) - Good for softening harsh shutter lines or gobos. A commonly used diffusion for softening edges on new generation ellipsoid.
  • AP1900 Blue Diffusion (2) - Diffused blue primarily for aiding in evenly illuminated CYC washes. Softens fixture scallops
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