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Apollo Splotches ME-2027 Metal Gobo
ME-2027 Splotches Gobo

Apollo Splotches ME-2027 Metal Gobo

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The Splotches (ME-2027) metal gobo is perfect for projecting water splotches and other impressive effects for your production or event. Apollo metal gobos are laser cut out of stainless steel or aluminum allowing light to shine through and project a white pattern on the surface. Try a split color gel or crushed dichroic to add even more character and appeal.
  • 8 mil (.008") Stainless Steel or .016" Aluminum
  • 100+ Hour longevity depending on the fixture and other factors
  • B&W Color
  • Vector/Laser-cut image process
  • For use in incandescent and LED fixtures
  • Bezel not included
Available in stainless steel or aluminum. Aluminum gobos last longer than steel, provide exceptional heat dissipation for flatter, more crisp gobos, and are more cost-effective than glass when applicable.

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