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Astra Soft Bi-Color Panel
Astra Soft Bi-Color Panel

Astra Soft Bi-Color Panel

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Part Number: 935-5021
The Astra Soft Bi-Color (Tungsten-Daylight) panel builds on the popularity of the Astra 1x1 Family. Following the Litepanels tradition of a one square foot form factor, the Astra series is designed with select premium quality, high CRI, surface mount LEDs and paired with a soft diffusion panel that provides the Astra Soft with a soft wrap around high color quality that's perfect for lighting talent.
  • Full-spectrum quality soft light, with visually accurate color temperature
  • Smooth dimming from 100% to 0, with no noticeable color shift
  • Flicker-free performance at any frame rate or shutter angle
  • Controlled current and thermal management for long LED life
  • Flexible, modular concept and modern design
The Astra Soft has an impressive output that rates among the highest of LED panels. This higher intensity results in a longer throw and illuminates a wider area, allowing the panel to compete with strong exterior light sources or illuminate a large area effectively with just a single fixture. Measures 17.7" x 16.3" x 5.3" and weighs 7 pounds. Includes yoke, power supply, and US & EU power cords. For more information, check out the product details on Litepanels.

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