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Chauvet Professional RDMX Splitter 8

Chauvet Professional RDMX Splitter 8

CHAUVET Professional

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The RDMX Splitter 8 is a versatile RDM and 5-pin DMX opto-splitter with a rugged, durable housing. It features 8 outputs and 2 inputs, so it can instantly go from 1x8 splitter to a 2x4 splitter for two different universes. To simplify installation next to existing fixtures, PoweCON power linking is also supported to make it easier than ever to isolate, amplify and split a signal. For added versatility, the unit can be either rack or trusst-mounted and supports electrical isolation between inputs and outputs up to 1000 V between ports.
  • Universal RDM E1.20 compliant 5-pin DMX opto-splitter that supports either 1x8 (single universe) or 2x4 (dual universe) modes with the press of a button; or functions as a 2x4 A/B splitter
  • PowerCON power linking supported to make it easy to split signal at a fixture, where power and data are already present
  • Rugged reinforced housing supports 1U rackmount and mounting to pipe and truss without additional accessories
  • Electrical isolation between inputs and outputs up to 1000 V between ports
  • Edison (local) plug to Neutrik powerCON power connection
For more information, review the quick reference guide.
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