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ETC Source 4WRD Color RGBA LED Retrofit Kit
ETC S4WRD II LED Retrofit Module (Color RGBA)

ETC Source 4WRD Color RGBA LED Retrofit Kit

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ETC Source 4WRD RGBA Color LED Retrofit Kit
Part Number: 7068A1001

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Unlock the world of additive color mixing, saturated washes, and quick color changes with the ETC Source 4WRD Color RGBA LED Retrofit Kit. The Source 4WRD (Watt Reduction Device) LED is a replacement for a standard Source Four burner assembly that converts the HPL source to a color-changing LED and provides a significant reduction in power consumption. The simple and quick upgrade is nondestructive and takes less than a minute. In most cases, it can even be done without breaking the fixture's focus. 
  • Source 4WRD reuses 89% of the existing fixture, considerably reduces power consumption, and eliminates the need for relamping
  • Designed to turn any full-size Source Four incandescent fixture into an LED fixture in seconds
  • Dimmed over DMX or traditional LED line dimming
  • As bright or brighter than most HPL lamps
  • Measures 5.59" H x 7" W x 6.29" D
Source 4WRD LED is theatrically dimmable via DMX or line dimmable, with a traditional LED curve, to allow flexibility for your installation. Moreover, because it is an LED source, your fixtures will run cool and efficiently without lamp replacements. For more information, review the datasheet and the ETC Source 4WRD II Brochure.

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