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ETC fos/4 Panel Small (8x24) Lustr X8

ETC fos/4 Panel Small (8x24) Lustr X8


Part Number 7471A1001
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Whether on set or on location, ETC's fos/4 Panel delivers the highest quality of light output to exhibit predictably nuanced color from reality, to the camera, to the screen. With up to 62,000 lumens, the Lustr X8 system sets a new standard in LED lighting quality. Reaching further into the depths of the visual spectrum, fos/4 delivers unprecedented color rendition. The nuanced control over the patent-pending mix of green, lime, blue, indigo, cyan, amber, red and deep red LEDs creates the most visually stunning colors available in a studio fixture.
  • Standard and customizable effects include police siren, television, beacon, camera flash and more
  • Griprail allows you to attach additional accessories, or to rig the fixture itself
  • Compatible with City Theatrical Multiverse® Wireless control
  • Intuitive and tactile user interface
  • 8" x 24" Aperture
These fixtures were designed for the studio and film industry. Includes yoke, standard diffusion, powerCON TRUE1 TOP power input cable with connector of your choice and junior pin (1-1/8") adapter. For more information, review the fos/4 Brochure and datasheet.
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