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Elation Artiste Monet™
Elation Artiste Monet™

Elation Artiste Monet™

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Part Number: EAM990
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The Artiste Monet™ is an extremely bright fully featured LED profile fixture offering outstanding projection quality and wide color mixing gamut through its variable SpectraColor engine. The SpectraColor system offers traditional CMY mixing but adds a variable RGB color mix for rich saturated primaries. In combination with the variable CTO the Monet allows for colors that were previously impossible to achieve, from theatrical pastels to the most vibrant red or blues ever produced by a color mixing system. The fixed 6 position color wheel offers UV and High CRI options to round out the amazing color range of the fixture.
  • Complete FX System featuring rotating and fixed gobos, animation, iris, dual prism, and dual frost
  • High efficiency 950W 6,500K White LED Engine
  • SpectraColor CMYRGB Array and Variable Linear CTO
  • Full Blackout Framing System with 360° Continuous Index and Rotation
  • 6.8° - 55° Motorized zoom
  • Measures 18.55" L x 22.97" W x 31.51" H
Providing up to 45,000 lumens from its efficient 950W 6,500K LED engine, the Monet is the ideal fixture for any application requiring superior output, bright and powerful beams, quiet operation as well as stunningly precise gobos and colors. For more information, review the datasheet and Artiste Series Product Brochure

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