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Gobos By Subject

Get gobos for every occasion from Vincent Lighting. From nature and weather gobos, to gobos depicting architectural elements, to the ability to customize gobos with your own artwork and text, we carry a broad selection to add to your pattern library.

Gobo Breakup Projections
Vincent Lighting carries a great selection of breakup projections for performing arts, social occasions, and photography.
Nature & Weather Gobo Projections
Project imagery from the natural world. Browse our selection of trees, clouds, stars and more.
Architectural Element Gobo Projections
Project scenic elements to create images of doors, windows, and cityscapes. From cobblestones to skylines, these gobos help you represent scenic elements with lighting.
Holidays, Occasions, & Religious Gobos
Gobos add beauty and decoration to holiday celebrations, worship services. Choose from a variety glass and metal holiday-themed gobos to find the right image for your event or holiday display.
Abstract & Shape Gobos
A selection of geometric patterns, abstract shapes and grating. Many of these gobos are excellent for beam effects.
Graphics, Signs & Symbols Gobos
Project the right tone with sign and symbol gobos from Vincent Lighting. Choose musical notes to add some fun to a dance floor or a great look for a recital.

Keep shopping for gobos, or contact us with questions!

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