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CueServer 2 Mini
CueServer 2 Mini

CueServer 2 Mini

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Retail Price:$1,799.00
Part Number: CS-920
The CueServer 2 Mini (CS-920) is a completely self-contained lighting playback, architectural processor, and DMX fade engine. The CueServer 2 Mini is the smallest of the CueServer 2 models and is housed in a rugged anodized aluminum enclosure suitable for desktop use or panel, DIN, or truss mounting using optional bracket kits. The CueServer 2 Mini can output shows utilizing up to 16,384 channels and features two built-in modular DMX slots that are user-configurable with any of seven available port modules. These interchangeable modules allow the CueServer 2 Mini to be customized for different installation environments eliminating the need for external adapters.
  • Seamless handling of Cue lists, Presets, and Streams
  • Control of up to 32 universes of DMX or 32 independent playback timelines
  • Compatible with CueStation buttons and CueTouch touchscreens
  • System integration via Ethernet, Serial, Digital I/O, and Audio
  • Measures 4.27" W (without brackets) x 3.43" L x 1.77" H
Additionally, the CueServer 2 Mini also features two user-definable function buttons with RGB indicators, two contact closure inputs, two low-voltage digital outputs, a serial port, and stereo audio output. Includes power supply, two empty DMX module slots, terminal block, and 512 channel license. For more information, review the spec sheet and quick start guide.

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