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Lamps by Fixture

Choose a fixture for a list of compatible lamps.

Source Four® Family Fixtures
ETC Source Four lighting fixtures have become synonymous with modern theatre lighting. Offering outstanding brightness and durability, the Source Four Par, Fresnel, and Ellipsoidal stage lights are popular lighting instruments for everything from school theaters to national touring productions. Take a look at our selection of lamps for these revolutionary fixtures below, and contact Vincent Lighting Systems with questions.
Altman 360Q Compatible Products
Altman 360Q spotlights combine ruggedness with intensity for a light that gives just the look you want for any type of event or production. Take a look at our selection of compatible lamps below, and contact Vincent Lighting Systems with questions.
Don't see your lamp here? Let us know what you're looking for.
We provide lamps for all makes and models of stage lighting equipment.

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