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  • Lighting Cable Connectors
    Build custom adapters, repair extensions or replace old fixture connections with Male L5-20 Twist-Lok Connectors from Hubbell. Click the product below to learn more, or contact Vincent Lighting Systems with questions.
  • Power Supply Cords
    Shop.vls.com provides durable extension cords that are built for the demands of production environments.
  • DMX Adapters & Cables
    Production-ready DMX cables keep your lights and dimmers connected to control. Choose 3-pin or 5-pin connectors to match your inventory.
  • Multi-Cable Lighting Extensions
    Distribute lighting circuits over long distances or use them to organize "dimmer-land". Multi-circuit lighting cable reduces labor by allowing one cable to carry multiple circuits in a single cable run.
  • Scroller Cables
    4-Pin cables for connecting power supplies to color scrollers, iris units, and other lighting effect accessories.
  • Wireless DMX
    Vincent Lighting Systems provides reliable Wireless DMX options. Browse our selection or contact us with questions!

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