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MEGA-Lite Washbot LED CYMK 300
MEGA-Lite Washbot LED CYMK 300

MEGA-Lite Washbot LED CYMK 300

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The Washbot LED CYMK 300 is a versatile LED fixture that is designed to deliver a smooth beautifully mixed color wash effect for large to small applications. Designed to produce vibrant colors and defined shades of white the Washbot is equipped with a 300W LED engine that produces a bright and even projection. The Kelvin color wheels allow for white color temperature adjustment from 7300K to 3900K giving it the capability to add various shades of white to any specific scene, this enables the light to go from a bright cool to a smooth warm making it perfect for theater use. Additionally, The Washbot provides three CTO filters 47K, 35K, and 33K which gives more control of the white tones. The Washbot's unique color mixing engine offers a smooth CYM K color mixing and a unique set of added colors that reside on the back end of the CYMK color wheels, giving you the ability to create exquisite color combinations and has some unique bicolor capabilities including tricolor RGB color grouping.
  • Impressive 7-degree to 31-degree zoom, for a remarkable even wash or narrow beam
  • Lenticular lens for better beam control and facilitates the ability to rotate or spread the beam vertically
  • 7+ Open Color Wheel with CYMK color mixing
  • Rotating prism, focus and zoom allow you to create unique effects
  • Measures 17" L x 10.25" W x 27" H
The Washbot LED CYMK 300 is a full-size fixture designed to easily illuminate any stages, it can be used to create a unique wash effect in large or small venues and is ideal for theater applications. For more information, review the user manual and datasheet.

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