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Maniac II Lighting & Fog Machine
Maniac II Lighting & Fog Machine

Maniac II Lighting & Fog Machine

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Part Number: 100122
The Maniac II was designed for creative stage lighting designers wanting unique, spectacular stage effects -- it's fast, it's vibrant, and it's powerful! This machine is used best in musical performances, nightclubs and bars, stadiums, and arenas. When used with CITC 15-second fog, the Maniac creates a colorful, safe alternative to pyro effects. Although it was designed for use with a DMX controller, the Maniac II can also operate as a stand-alone unit with the optional controller.
  • 15 Second SmartFog creates cryogenic or fire effects.
  • Fully automated moving head
  • 10 DMX Channels, also, multi-function controller allows use without DMX
  • Strobe, dim and mix colors
  • Measures 19" x 18" x 22"
Additionally, the Maniac II has 24 LED lights as well as quick disconnects for the fluid tubing. For more information, review the product flyer.

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