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Martin RUSH MH 4 Beam
Martin RUSH MH 4 Beam

Martin RUSH MH 4 Beam

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Medium output discharge-based beam moving head
Part Number: 90280030
The Martin RUSH MH 4 Beam is a compact beam moving light fixture for smaller venues. This fixture produces blasts of intense and narrow beams for spectacular mid-air looks and effects. Create captivating lighting effects with a multitude of effects and features including the static gobo wheel, dimmer, strobe, focus, 6-facet prism, and 14 plus open color-wheel with continuous and stepped scrolling, rotation with variable direction and speed effects. 
  • 16-Bit dimming, pan and tilt control
  • Forced air (temperature-regulated, low noise) cooling
  • 3-Degree beam angle
  • 3-Pin and 5-oin locking XLR DMX data in/out
  • Osram Sirius HRI 132W - 8800K Color temperature
Measures 12.6" L x 10.1" W x 19" H and weighs 30.9 lbs. Includes 1.5 m power cable without mains plug, and two Omega clamp attachment brackets with 1/4-turn fasteners. For more information, review the user manual

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