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Martin RUSH MH 6 Wash CT
Martin RUSH MH 6 Wash CT

Martin RUSH MH 6 Wash CT

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Compact single lens wash light with tuneable white control
Part Number: 90280090
The Martin RUSH MH 6 Wash CT is designed for key lighting applications within the House of Worship, Performing Arts and Live Stage environments where color temperature control of white light is critical but also a compact and lightweight design is desired for smaller applications and locations that have limited ceiling height or weight restrictions. 
  • Pre-mixed white light color temperature ranging 2,700K to 7,800K 
  • Allows key lighting to be matched for multiple sources from Tungsten to Metal Halide
  • Can be used as a Mid effect with a tight beam look to washing a stage for key lighting applications
  • Compact and lightweight design measures 11.4" L x 7.4" W x 14.2" H, and weighs 15.7 lbs.
  • 10-60 Degree motorized zoom
The RUSH MH 6 Wash CT is a bright single-lens LED moving head with fully premixed white color temperatures. With twelve 10W WW/CW (warm white and cold white) LEDs and a 10 to 60-degree motorized zoom, it offers full electronic dimming and variable strobe effects controlled via DMX. For more information, review the specification sheet and user manual

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