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  • Cloud Gobos
  • Feather Gobo Projections
    Unique feather patterns help to dress up stages and ballrooms. Project layered elegance for parties and musical revues.
  • Flower Gobos
    Project Floral patterns and flowery imagery with this selection of flower-themed gobos. Create beautiful accents for romantic events, weddings, and anniversary parties.
  • Rain & Snow Gobos
    Use lighting to create pouring rain and floating snow effects. These gobos provide the shapes and patterns you need to create atmospheric weather effects onstage.
  • Space & Star Gobos
    Our selection of Realistic and Abstract Star and Space gobos allow you to project naturalistic or abstract stars, planets, galaxies and more onto any background. Purchase your gobos at shop.vls.com.
  • Trees & Foliage Gobos
    Find organic breakups and branchy patterns among this selection of foliage and tree gobos. Project a forest of positive and negative image trees or find the perfect gobo for a lonely tree silhouette.
  • Wildlife Gobos
  • Water Gobos
    Browse our selection of water related gobos to find the perfect aquatic effect for your production. Shimmering water patterns and coastal vista imagery dominate this popular gobo category.

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