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Apollo 3450 Bodacious Blueberry Color Filter
Apollo 3450 Bodacious Blueberry Color Filter

Apollo 3450 Bodacious Blueberry Color Filter

Apollo Design Technology

Part Number AP-GEL-3450
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*Apollo Gel Orders are subject to 10 sheet (mix and match) minimum orders.*

Lighting Designers and photographers choose Apollo 3450 Bodacious Blueberry filters to add color to stage scenery and to color theatre, film, and television lighting. 

AP3450 changes the color of light to create mood. Apollo 3450 should be used short term, 6-10 hours. 

This color's recommended use is for a general stage wash, and it is described as a deeper neutral, good for night scenes with good visibility, and makes skin tones look aged.
  • Apollo 3450 Bodacious Blueberry provides an overall transmission rate of 6.2%. Pantone match is 2935. The RGB match is 0-118-191. The CMYK match is 100-46-0-0. AP-Gel-3450 is made of heat-resistant double coated polyester for color consistency. Available in 20"X24" sheets, 24"X12' half rolls, and 24"X25' rolls.
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