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Apollo Gobo ME-3328 Love In Heart
ME-3328 Love In Heart

Apollo Gobo ME-3328 Love In Heart

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Apollo ME-3328 Love In Heart Steel Gobo
Part Number: ME-3328

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Curled lettering spells out the word "Love" while sweeping stylized brushstrokes create a heart shape surrounding the text. Restaurants, hotels, and DJs can use this affordable gobo to add accents to Valentine's Day parties, weddings, and romantic celebrations. Add a color filter, split color gel, or crushed dichroic filter to enhance projections on walls, dance floors, and bandstands. 
  • 8 mil (.008") Stainless Steel or .016" Aluminum
  • 100+ Hour longevity depending on the fixture and other factors
  • B&W Color
  • Vector/Laser-cut image process
  • For use in incandescent and LED fixtures
  • Bezel not included
Available in stainless steel or aluminum. Aluminum gobos last longer than steel, provide exceptional heat dissipation for flatter, more crisp projections, and are more cost-effective than glass when applicable.

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