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Apollo Variety Gel Pack
Apollo Variety Gel Pack

Apollo Variety Gel Pack

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Part Number: AP-GP12VA
Test multiple color filters, set the mood on your stage and impress your audience with the Apollo Variety Pack. This convenient gel pack features twelve, popular color filters perfect for adding a splash of color or diffusion to your stage. The Apollo Gel Pack includes twelve, 12" x 12" assorted color filters inside a re-sealable plastic bag and a colorful graphic slip sheet including gel tips and ideas.

Apollo Variety Gel Pack Colors:
  • AP1050 Soft Diffusion
  • AP1100 Hard Diffusion
  • AP2020 Apollo Blue 1/2 CTB
  • AP2120 Apollo Orange 1/2 CTO
  • AP2320 .6 Neutral Density
  • AP3150 Sour Grape
  • AP4350 Apollo Blue
  • AP5300 Apollo Green
  • AP6500 Bikini Yellow
  • AP7570 Trick or Treat
  • AP8200 Scandalous Scarlet
  • AP8550 Bit of Pink

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