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Blizzard Lux Capacitor™
Blizzard Lux Capacitor™

Blizzard Lux Capacitor™

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Warm White Retro Blinder with RGB Background Color Effects
Part Number: LuxCapacitor
The Lux Capacitor features a unique blinder effect that can emit very warm, vintage 2200K color temperature light output from its 3* 60W LEDs, as well as RGB colored effects via an additional 48*.5W LEDs located around the perimeter of its highly reflective aluminum inner housing.
  • 3x 60W Warm White LEDs (2200K)
  • 48x .5W RGB LEDs (Background Effects)
  • Individual control of warm white LEDs
  • 30 Speed controllable built-in programs
  • Flicker-free LEDs
  • Measures 10.6" x 10.6" x 7.1"
Features also include an ultra-smooth overall master dimmer, auto and sound active modes, 1-25Hz strobe effects, 32-bit dimming,  an LCD control panel, and 3/5-pin DMX + powerCON compatible power input/output. For more information, review the cutsheet and user manual.

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