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Elation Show Designer 1 Elation Show Designer 1
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Obsidian NX Wing
Hurricane Bubble Haze Machine
Vincent Lighting Systems - Category Index
Books & Tools
     Design & Drafting Tools
     Electrician Tools
     Lightwright Software
     Safety Equipment
Closeouts & Bargains
Club & DJ Lighting
Color Filters
     Apollo Gel Filters
          Gel Packs
     Cinegel Gel Filters
     E-Colour Gel Filters
     GAM Gel Filters
     Lee Gel Filters
          High -Temperature Gel Filters
     Roscolux Gel Filters
          Roscolux CalColor Gel Filters
          Roscolux Diffusion Gel Filters
          Roscolux Storaro Gel Filters
Dimming Equipment
Film & Studio
     HMI Fixtures
     LED Fixtures
     Tungsten Fixtures
Gobos and Effects
     Confetti & Streamers
     Custom Gobos
     Easter Gobos
     Effects Equipment
          Fog & Haze Machines
          Snow Fluid
     Fog & Haze Fluids
     Gobo By Vendor
          Apollo Gobos
          GAM Gobos
          Rosco Gobos
     Gobos By Material Type
          Glass Gobos
          Steel Cutout Gobos
     Gobos By Subject
          Abstract & Shape Gobos
               Abstract Gobos
               Rotation Gobos
          Architectural Element Gobo Projections
               Windows & Blind Gobos
          Glass Effects
               Crushed Dichroics
               Image Glass
               Textured Glass
          Gobo Breakup Projections
               Foliage Breakup Gobos
          Graphics, Signs & Symbols Gobos
               Sign & Symbol Gobos
               Text Gobos
          Holidays, Occasions, & Religious Gobos
               Christmas and Hanukkah Gobos
               Day of the Dead, Dia de Muertos
               Easter Gobos
               Halloween Gobos
               July 4th Gobos
               Veterans Day Gobos
               Wedding Gobos
          Nature & Weather Gobo Projections
               Cloud Gobos
               Feather Gobo Projections
               Flower Gobos
               Rain & Snow Gobos
               Realistic Star Gobos
               Trees & Foliage Gobos
               Water Gobos
     Patriotic Gobos & Effects
     Scroller Cables
     Valentines Day Gobos
     Lamps By Base Type
          Extended Mogul End Prong (EMEP)
          G9.5 (Bi-Pin)
          G9.5 with Heatsink
     Lamps by Fixture
          Altman 360Q Compatible Products
          Source Four® Family Fixtures
Lighting Cables & Connectors
     DMX Adapters & Cables
     Lighting Cable Connectors
          Stage Pin Connectors
          Twist-Lok Connectors
     Multi-Cable Lighting Extensions
     Power Supply Cords
          Stage Pin Adapter
               Lighting Connectors
          Twist-Lok Connectors
Lighting Control Consoles
New Products
Tape & Expendable Lighting Supplies
     Gaffers Tape
     Glow Tape
     Other Tape
          Console Tape
          Dance Floor Tape
     Spike Tape
     Tieline Stage Cord
Theatrical Lighting Fixtures
     Architectural Lighting
     Cyclorama Lighting
          Batten-style Fixtures
          Scoops and Floods
     Ellipsoidal Lighting
          LED Ellipsoidals
     Fresnel Lighting
     LED Lighting
     Light Fixture Accessories
     Light Fixture Parts
     Moving & Automated Lighting
     PAR Lighting
     Truss Accessories
Theatrical Stage Supplies
     BlackWrap Stage Tape
     Fog & Haze Theatrical Supplies
     Paint, Coatings, & Glazes
          Film, Video, Television Theatrical Paint
          Flamex Flame Retardant
          Glue & Coatings
          Rosco Iddings Theatrical Paint
          Rosco Off Broadway Theatrical Paint
          Rosco Supersaturated Theatrical Paint
     Stage Fabrics
     Stage Hardware
     Theatrical Brushes
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2 Osram HPL 575W 115V Long Life Lamp
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3 10' XLR 5 Pin DMX Cable
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Founded in 1978, Vincent Lighting Systems offers a wide variety of entertainment and architectural lighting and rigging products and services.

Our online store offers a convenient way to purchase many common lighting and production supplies, but we do so much more.

Our full-service offices in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh offer production services, rentals, repair, training, stage rigging and stage curtains, stage safety inspections and systems integration, in addition to product sales. Our team will provide an outstanding level of attention to your next show, project or event.

Don't know exactly what you need? No need to figure it out on your own. We love sharing our knowledge. 

Contact us and we'll help you find the right products to fit your needs.

Vincent Lighting Systems

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