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ChamSys QuickQ Rack
ChamSys QuickQ Rack

ChamSys QuickQ Rack

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The QuickQ Rack is a small, rack-mountable version of the QuickQ console designed for installations. It features the same operating system as QuickQ series consoles but is designed to operate as a remote system without physical user control. If you choose to utilize an existing console, the QuickQ Rack features a simple Hot-Takeover mode that allows an external console to take control of connected fixtures.
  • Supports up to four universes
  • Two RDM 5-Pin DMX Outputs
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi for programming and remote control
  • Ten 10Scene Buttons for activation of scenes
  • Four 10Scene ports for connection of up to forty 10Scene wall plates 
The QuickQ Rack utilizes the same software as QuickQ consoles and supports four universes. The compact rack-mountable control unit is ideal for installations, control rooms, and bars. The unit can be used as a desktop box or rack-mounted with the supplied rack ears. For more information, review the cutsheet.

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