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Clear-Com Encore Wired Beltpack RS-701
Clear-Com Encore Wired Beltpack RS-701

Clear-Com Encore Wired Beltpack RS-701

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Part Number: RS-701
The RS-701 is a single-channel analog beltpack that can carry power and audio through the XLR-3 line connector. The RS-701 Beltpacks are ergonomically designed after the durable RS-500 Series, these rugged, light-weight beltpacks can withstand the inevitable drop or tumble of everyday production environments. No matter what Clear-Com Partyline system, the RS-701 Beltpacks are fully compatible with current and previous Clear-Com analog partyline systems. The beltpacks feature colorful LEDs on the top of the beltpack that lets the users know if the beltpack is powered, if the microphone is active or if the beltpack is receiving a call signal.
  • (2) 3-Pin XLR-M-F Intercom Line Connectors and (1) 4-Pin XLR-M Headset Connector
  • Single-Channel Beltpack with XLR-3 Connector
  • Visual LED indicators on top of keypad
  • Tactile buttons for Call and Talk
  • Recessed rotary controls for volume with end stops
Concealed DIP switch panel on the back of the beltpack allows users to easily adjust control features such as switching between headset types, setting volume levels for headphones, adjusting overall volume settings, enabling LED signals or adjusting the functions of the Call and Talk keys. Each beltpack combines the high headroom, low-noise audio and shaped frequency contour (the "Clear-Com Sound") to deliver clear audio. For more information, review the datasheet.

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