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Elation DMX-Branch/4


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Your Price: $220.00
Retail Price:$275.00
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Isolated 4-Way DMX Splitter
Part Number: DMX-BRANCH/4
Look no further for budget-friendly DMX distribution. This 4 way DMX branch splitter is a great data distribution box for sending data to DMX devices such as color scrollers, LED lights, and automated fixtures. The DMX-Branch/4 offers 4 isolated DMX outputs so that data can be spidered off to various locations accommodating DMX fog machines and lighting equipment. An additional DMX output allows for simple linking of multiple splitters. Indicator lights provide power status and pin polarity status, but can also be used to identify bad cable. The DMX-Branch/4 includes rack ears and hanging brackets for easy installation in your lighting system. Reduce the length of your cable runs by efficiently splitting the data signal with the DMX-Branch/4 data splitter.

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