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ETCnomad 512 Student Edition
Nomad Key and Gadget Interface

ETCnomad 512 Student Edition

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Includes a 512 ETCnomad lighting controller key and a Gadget II 2-universe USB to DMX/RDM interface
Part Number: 4380A1111
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Please complete and submit the PDF order form to confirm your student/educational discount.

The ETCnomad 512 Student Edition is an excellent control system for aspiring lighting control professionals.

What does the Student Package include?
It includes a 512 ETCnomad lighting controller key and a Gadget II 2-universe USB to DMX/RDM interface. The tiny USB key plugs into a computer, turning it into a flexible controller that runs both ETC Cobalt® and Eos®-family software; and the Gadget connects the computer to your lighting system’s DMX/RDM devices.

Am I eligible?
You can purchase the Package if you’re an individual currently in education or undergoing an apprenticeship or internship. Proof of enrollment, valid at the time of order, is required as proof of eligibility. There is a limit of one Package per student.

What's next?
There’s no need to worry — the dongle will not expire when you complete your studies and there will be nothing extra to pay. You do have the option to upgrade to more universes, although this will be at the regular price.

Once you’re registered, make sure to check MyETC for special student content and education discounts, and send photos and stories involving your ETCnomad to: [email protected] 

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