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"Red" Fog Fluid 20 Liter Bottle

"Red" Fog Fluid 20 Liter Bottle

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Antari FLR Light Fog Fluid
Part Number: FLR-20
Use Antari FLR Fluid for quick dissipating fog effects and low lying ground fog. It's formulated to deliver a strong effect with a short hang time. Extend the life of your fog machine and reduce buildup of impurities with a water based fog fluid specially designed for trouble-free operation of Antari fog machines and other premium fluid foggers. Non-Toxic and non-irritating, FLR fluid is odorless and won't leave a greasy residue on your stage. Comprised of FDA approved ingredients -the stuff that goes into food and cosmetics- and de-ionized water, Antari FLR Fog Fluid is pure and safe for human contact.

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