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Lee 046 Dark Magenta Color Filter
Lee 046 Dark Magenta Color Filter

Lee 046 Dark Magenta Color Filter

Lee Filters

Part Number 046S
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Lighting Designers choose Lee 046 Dark Magenta gel when the design calls for a bold pink hue. L046 is an excellent color filter for back-light. 

L046 is perfect for wash fixtures such as PARs, borderlights, and floods when you want to inject strong pink shoulder light into song and dance performances. 

 L046 Dark Magenta mixes a hint of violet and indigo with a small amount of yellow and a substantial level of red while absorbing nearly all blue and green.
  • Lee 046 Dark Magenta provides consistent and accurate color in every batch of dyed polyester lighting filter sheets. CIE xyY Chromaticity (x,y) and Luminance(Y): x=0.644, y=0.282. Absorption=1.09. Transmission(Y)=8.2%. Polyester base. Available in 24 inch x 21 inch sheets or 25 foot x 48 inch rolls. **Also available in Hi Temp Material: 22"X21" sheets , 13'X46" Rolls.
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