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Lex-Loc Male Edison 5-15 Connector
Lex-Loc Male Edison 5-15 Connector

Lex-Loc Male Edison 5-15 Connector

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Lex Male Lex-Loc 5-15 Connector
Part Number: X515P
Lex-Loc connectors are designed for tool free wiring installation. This LexLoc Edison connector is quick and easy to install, with 3 finger-operated levers to lock your hot, neutral, and ground wires securely into the clear polycarbonate terminal cover. The cage clamp terminations will not loosen and allow for quick installation, while remaining visible through the clear terminal cover. A beveled nylon body makes this LexLoc Male Edison plug less likely to snag on stage edges and scenery during coiling. The nylon housing also makes the connector resistant to many chemicals and provides the necessary toughness to overcome crush tests, impact resistance tests, and mechanical drop tests. Strain relief is provided by an external cord clamp that has been tested for integrity during static and rotary cord pulls. The external strain relief cord clamp will accommodate 18/3 SJ through 10/3 S cable with physical accommodations of 0.300 inch - 0.655in. LexLoc wiring devices are UL listed and meet or exceed standards for Hospital Grade US Tests, and conform to US Standards for Hospital Equipment $498 and #544. Whether you are replacing fixture connectors, or repairing cables or building new extension cords, save time by using the color coded thumb levers on the LexLoc connector.

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