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Lex 75' XLR5 Extension Cable
Lex 75' XLR5 Extension Cable

Lex 75' XLR5 Extension Cable

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Retail Price:$97.60
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Part Number: DMX-5P-75
The Lex 75' 5-Pin DMX extension cable is dependable enough for your mos critical intelligent lighting fixtures, LEDs, fog effects and fixture accessories - and it's durable enough to last. XLR5 Data cables are the link from your control console to what the audience sees. 
  • Lex DMX cable can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Water & UV resistant polyurethane jacket
  • Dual shielding ensures data integrity
  • Neutrik black/gold 5pin XLR connectors
  • Measures 75 ft / 22.9 m long
Lex data cables continue to impress even after the curtains fall as their extra flexible polyurethane jacket makes them as easy to coil as they are to snake though concert truss and across theater catwalks. Whether you're connecting your light board directly to your dimmers or distributing DMX throughout the venue, this 5-pin XLR DMX control cable will carry your data and your reputation reliably. 

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