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LitePad Still Photo Kit AX 90 (Daylight)

LitePad Still Photo Kit AX 90 (Daylight)

Rosco Laboratories, Inc.

Part Number 2903400SPKIT
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Here's a great lightweight LED lighting kit for photographers and webcasters. The soft sided carrying case houses three LitePad panels and all the cables and power supplies you'll need to operate the system. 

 You also get egg crate louvres beam shapers, mounting brackets, lenses, and color filters. The included Snake Arm, Cold Shoe Adapter, and Car Adapter make it easy to shoot on the go. Operate the kit from automotive 12vdc, the included AA battery pack, or use either of the wall plug transformers. There's even a single channel dimmer included for fine tuning your lights. 

The LitePad Still Photo Kit is a great lighting kit for product photography, portraiture, and vlogs.

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