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Osram BVV 1000W 120V Lamp
Osram BVV 1000W 120V Lamp

Osram BVV 1000W 120V Lamp

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Osram BVV 1000W 120V Lamp
Part Number: 54691
This 1000 Watt BVV tungsten halogen lamp is the source for many of the most popular frenels in stages and studios. Fresnel fixtures from 8-12 in. typically accept this lamp. Consistent manufacturing standards mean that this Mogul Prefocus lamp always puts the lighted center in the sweet spot of your reflector. BVV is the little brother to the 2000W BVW, making BVV the best choice when you need to twofer fixtures into the same circuit. Lower wattage lamps also offer diminished intensity without dimming, so you're able to avoid red shift but still keep light levels at lower intensities. Whether you're managing color temperature in dim scenes, combining fixtures into single circuits, or just trying to use less energy- The Osram BVV 1000W Q1000T7/4CL/MP is the lamp for your 1K and 2K rated fresnel luminaire.

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