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Osram EHD 500W 120V Lamp
Osram EHD 500W 120V Lamp

Osram EHD 500W 120V Lamp

Osram Sylvania

Part Number 54508
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You donít always need 1,000W or even 750W lamps. This 500W EHD lamp boasts an average rated life of 2,000 Hours. The EHD is a common choice for instruments such as the Altman 360Q, Altman 3.5, and many others. 

Osram builds quality lamps with consistent bases and reliable envelope seals. Low quality lamps can cause hot spotting and even damage reflectors- don't take chances, get the best lamp for your fixture.

 Osram's EHD is the 500W variant of the popular EHG and FEL lamps. By using less wattage, this lamp is a great fit when you need to twofer, and threefer, multiple fixtures on a single circuit. Using a lower wattage lamp also allows you to create dimmer looks before causing red shift in the tungsten filament. 

Whether you're fine tuning color temperature, or trying to get more fixtures powered per circuit- the Osram EHD is a reliable solution for re-lamping your Altman 3.5, 360Q, and other common ellipsoidal reflector spotlights (ERS).
  • Avg Rated Life; 2000 hours; 10600 Lumens; G9.5 Medium 2-pin base; Color Temperature; 3000K
  • Wattage: 500W. Voltage: 120V. Base: G9.5. Bulb: T4. Lumens: 10600. Color Temperature: 3000K. Lamp Life: 2000 hours. Used in most stage and studio 500 watt Ellipsoidal Spotlights.
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