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Ovation™ E-910FC 50 Degree
Ovation™ E-910FC

Ovation™ E-910FC 50 Degree

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CHAUVET Professional Ovation™ E-910 50 Degree RGBAL ERS-style Fixture
Part Number: OVATIONE910FC50
The Ovation™ E-910FC provides all the features you expect from an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight: framing shutters, adjustable focus, and a gobo/effect slot- but it adds the power saving efficiency of LEDs. The RGBA-Lime LED array includes 91 LEDs for precise color-mixing over a wide spectral range. General color temperature can be set to 2800-6500 Kelvin.

Selectable dimming curves and 16 bit control allow for precise control of fades and closer matching to the thermal mass afterglow of tungsten lighting fixtures.

RDM capability makes the Ovation E-910FC easy to integrate into DMX/RDM enabled lighting Systems. Adjustable PWM helps to prevent flickering for tv/film/studio applications.

Get more info on the  Ovation™ E-910FC from CHAUVET Professional's website.

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