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ADJ WiFLY EXR Battery Transceiver ADJ WiFLY EXR Battery Transceiver
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ADJ Element ST HEX
COLORado 1-Quad Zoom RGBW
Vincent Lighting Systems - Product Index
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Apollo Design Big City Lights Metal Gobo 1230
Apollo Design Blizzard Steel Gobo 1036
Apollo Design ColourScenic Cathedral Glass Gobo CS-3487
Apollo Design ColourScenic Fall Mix Glass Gobo 3457
Apollo Design ColourScenic Frosted Pool Gobo CS-3512
Apollo Design ColourScenic Romantic Evening Glass Gobo CS-0039
Apollo Design ColourScenic Time 'N Space Gobo CS-3510
Apollo Design ColourScenic Ugly Sweater Glass Gobo CS-3511
Apollo Design Egyptian Palms Breakup Pattern 3553
Apollo Design Foliage Jungle Thick Breakup Pattern 1082
Apollo Design French Bay Window Metal Gobo 6011
Apollo Design Glittering Dust Metal Breakup Pattern 9120
Apollo Design Happy Birthday Metal Gobo 2487
Apollo Design July 4th Statue of Liberty Metal Gobo 3004
Apollo Design July Fourth Fireworks Metal Gobo 3006
Apollo Design Leaves with Limb Metal Gobo 1010
Apollo Design Menorah Steel Gobo ME-3120
Apollo Design Our Lady Window Metal Gobo 9140
Apollo Design Overgrown Palms Metal Gobo 3577
Apollo Design Script Handwriting Metal Gobo 2153
Apollo Design Slender Forest Metal Gobo 3572
Apollo Design Snowflake Fall Steel Gobo 3241
Apollo Design Statue of Liberty Metal Gobo 3007
Apollo Design SuperRes Galaxy Gas Glass Gobo 6198
Apollo Design SuperRes Night Scene Glass Gobo
Apollo Design SuperRes Winter Snow Scene Glass Gobo 1224
Apollo Diffusion Gel Pack
Apollo Easter Egg Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Enchanted Sea Enhanced Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Faith ME-3117 Steel Gobo
Apollo Festive Tree Gobo Ornament
Apollo Fire Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Four Leaf Clover ME-3334 Steel Gobo
Apollo Freedom Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Frilly Hearts ME-3333 Steel Gobo
Apollo Galaxy Stars ME-1078 Metal Gobo
Apollo Gobo C2-0145 Bouquet of Roses
Apollo Gobo C2-0152 I Love You
Apollo Gobo C2-0153 Lips
Apollo Gobo C2-0154 Be My Valentine
Apollo Gobo C2-0155 Love
Apollo Gobo CS-0045 U.S. Waving Flag
Apollo Gobo CS-0110 Crucifix & Clouds
Apollo Gobo CS-0117 American Flag Waving
Apollo Gobo CS-0118 American Flag Close Up
Apollo Gobo CS-0119 American Flag Flat
Apollo Gobo CS-0142 Candy Hearts
Apollo Gobo CS-0171 Flag Twirl
Apollo Gobo CS-2466 Rainbow Hearts
Apollo Gobo CS-3413 Jesus on Cross
Apollo Gobo CS-3414 Chicks
Apollo Gobo CS-3415 Bunny With Basket
Apollo Gobo CS-3416 Bunny Hopping
Apollo Gobo HE-1083 Flowing US Flag
Apollo Gobo HE-1217 Flag And Staff
Apollo Gobo MS-0200 Fleur De Gras
Apollo Gobo MS-1002 Foliage Breakup 2
Apollo Gobo MS-1013 Breakup Bamboo
Apollo Gobo MS-1032 Water Shimmering
Apollo Gobo MS-1057 1057 Star Breakup
Apollo Gobo MS-1071 Bamboo Realistic
Apollo Gobo MS-1072 Moving Clouds
Apollo Gobo MS-1073 Somber Clouds
Apollo Gobo MS-1084 Hemp Breakup
Apollo Gobo MS-1085 Stars Radial
Apollo Gobo MS-1099 Row Of Stars
Apollo Gobo MS-1102 Clouds Full
Apollo Gobo MS-1103 Clouds Puffy
Apollo Gobo MS-1104 Clouds Thin
Apollo Gobo MS-1105 Clouds Scattered
Apollo Gobo MS-1112 Clouds Stormy
Apollo Gobo MS-2004 Persian Lace
Apollo Gobo MS-2009 Wind Drifts
Apollo Gobo MS-2128 Show Stars
Apollo Gobo MS-2197 Shatter Light
Apollo Gobo MS-2210 Star
Apollo Gobo MS-2219 Back Stabber
Apollo Gobo MS-2242 Water Waves Ocean
Apollo Gobo MS-2244 Water Rain Shower
Apollo Gobo MS-2247 Cobblestone
Apollo Gobo MS-2260 Dots Med.
Apollo Gobo MS-2271 Twister
Apollo Gobo MS-2329 Stars Spiral
Apollo Gobo MS-2417 Star Circles
Apollo Gobo MS-2444 Breakup Music Notes
Apollo Gobo MS-2449 Peacock Feathers
Apollo Gobo MS-2523 American Flag Flat
Apollo Gobo MS-2552 Star Arches
Apollo Gobo MS-2553 Super Stars
Apollo Gobo MS-2554 Star Curve
Apollo Gobo MS-2569 Thorned Frill
Apollo Gobo MS-3003 Iwo Jima
Apollo Gobo MS-3018 Pumpkin Scared
Apollo Gobo MS-3022 Bat Demon
Apollo Gobo MS-3025 Flying Witch
Apollo Gobo MS-3031 Halloween Haunted House
Apollo Gobo MS-3036 Happy Halloween
Apollo Gobo MS-3045 Crazy Witch
Apollo Gobo MS-3059 Real Graveyard
Apollo Gobo MS-3060 Skull
Apollo Gobo MS-3065 Halloween Graveyard
Apollo Gobo MS-3073 Halloween Web
Apollo Gobo MS-3091 Web 1
Apollo Gobo MS-3092 Web 2
Apollo Gobo MS-3238 Snowflake
Apollo Gobo MS-3326 Whimsical Hearts
Apollo Gobo MS-3328 Love In Heart
Apollo Gobo MS-3398 Crown Of Thorns
Apollo Gobo MS-3411 Christ
Apollo Gobo MS-3420 Jesus
Apollo Gobo MS-3421 IXOYE
Apollo Gobo MS-3422 Christ On Donkey
Apollo Gobo MS-3423 Easter Last Supper
Apollo Gobo MS-3424 Easter Gethsemane
Apollo Gobo MS-3425 Pilate
Apollo Gobo MS-3426 Easter Carrying Cross
Apollo Gobo MS-3427 Resurrection
Apollo Gobo MS-3428 Easter Risen
Apollo Gobo MS-3429 Easter
Apollo Gobo MS-3430 Easter Grave
Apollo Gobo MS-3431 Easter Bunny
Apollo Gobo MS-3432 Easter Egg
Apollo Gobo MS-3433 Jesus Reversed
Apollo Gobo MS-3434 Easter Angels
Apollo Gobo MS-3435 Angels Large
Apollo Gobo MS-3436 Easter Ascension
Apollo Gobo MS-3437 Alleluia
Apollo Gobo MS-3438 Rejoice
Apollo Gobo MS-3511 American Flag
Apollo Gobo MS-3532 Flag Set Red
Apollo Gobo MS-3533 Flag Set White
Apollo Gobo MS-3534 Flag Set Blue
Apollo Gobo MS-3578 Dust Mites
Apollo Gobo MS-4000 Window Blinds
Apollo Gobo MS-4025 Random Hearts
Apollo Gobo MS-4028 Confetti Hearts
Apollo Gobo MS-4143 Spider 1
Apollo Gobo MS-6001 Window Plain
Apollo Gobo MS-6009 Window French
Apollo Gobo MS-6012 Window Tudor Bay
Apollo Gobo MS-6018 Window Standard
Apollo Gobo MS-6024 Window Old Blinds
Apollo Gobo MS-6074 Window Oblique
Apollo Gobo MS-6077 High Tide
Apollo Gobo SR-0040 Angel Floating
Apollo Gobo SR-0059 Ghost A
Apollo Gobo SR-0062 Ghost B
Apollo Gobo SR-0069 Haunted House Jesse Guess
Apollo Gobo SR-0073 Cloud 4
Apollo Gobo SR-0079 Pool Of Water
Apollo Gobo SR-0109 Stars Twinkling
Apollo Gobo SR-0113 Ocean View
Apollo Gobo SR-0148 Iced Windows
Apollo Gobo SR-0174 Cumulonimbus Clouds
Apollo Gobo SR-0201 Window View
Apollo Gobo SR-0223 Partly Cloudy
Apollo Gobo SR-1043 Heavy Showers
Apollo Gobo SR-1121 Cupid With Heart
Apollo Gobo SR-1123 Kids In Love
Apollo Gobo SR-1124 Love
Apollo Gobo SR-1126 Cartoon Hearts
Apollo Gobo SR-1129 Flying Bat
Apollo Gobo SR-1223 Ocean Waves
Apollo Gobo SR-2503 Jesus- One Cross
Apollo Gobo SR-2504 Jesus- Three Crosses
Apollo Gobo SR-2505 Easter Lily
Apollo Gobo SR-2506 Jesus Face
Apollo Gobo SR-2507 Praying Hands
Apollo Gobo SR-2508 Lily Cross
Apollo Gobo SR-6068 Witch In-Flight
Apollo Golden Love ColourScenic Gobo CS-3459
Apollo Heart Strings ME-3329 Steel Gobo
Apollo Hope ME-3114 Steel Gobo
Apollo Hydra - The Sea Serpent ME-7034
Apollo Laurel Wreath Steel Gobo ME-9124
Apollo Leaf Breakup Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Love ME-3116 Steel Gobo
Apollo Mardi Gras Script Gobo ME-6073
Apollo Muertos Mask ME-9149 Metal Gobo
Apollo Multi-Color Crushed Dichroic
Apollo MXR 2 Color Mixer Scroller
Apollo MXR Replacement Strings - Set of 2
Apollo Mystical Forest Enhanced Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Orion - The Hunter ME-7043
Apollo Paisley Print Breakup Steel Gobo MS-2099
Apollo Phoenix Sunset Enhanced Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Presents Gobo Ornament
Apollo Santa Gobo Ornament
Apollo Santa Sled Gobo Ornament
Apollo Sea Horse ME-7006 Metal Gobo
Apollo Slippery Ice Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Smart Color PRO 5.25 Scroller
Apollo Smart Color PRO 7.25 Scroller
Apollo Splotches ME-2027 Metal Gobo
Apollo SpotFX™ Gobo Projector
Apollo St. Patrick's Day ME-3506 Steel Gobo
Apollo Starburst Enhanced Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Straw 1/2 CTS Color Correction Filter
Apollo Straw 1/4 CTS Color Correction Filter
Apollo Straw 1/8 CTS Color Correction Filter
Apollo Straw Full CTS Color Correction Filter
Apollo SuperRes Full Moon Gobo
Apollo SuperRes Half Moon Glass Gobo 0086
Apollo SuperRes Moon Natural Gobo
Apollo Textured Glass - Condensation
Apollo Textured Glass - Frost Heavy
Apollo Textured Glass - Rain
Apollo Textured Glass - Ripples
Apollo Theater Gel Pack
Apollo Tickled Pink Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Ursa Major - Big Dipper ME-7041
Apollo Variety Gel Pack
Apollo Water Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Watercolors Enhanced Crushed Dichroic
Apollo Worship Gobo 12 Pack (B-Size)
Apollo Yuletide Crushed Dichroic
Arena Zoom Q71P
ART7 AsteraBox™ CRMX
Astera AX1 PixelTube
Astera AX3 LightDrop™
Astera AX5 TriplePAR
Astera Helios Tube™
Astera Titan Tube™
Astra Soft Bi-Color Panel
AVERE™ 4UV LED Blacklight
Avolites T1 DMX Interface
Avolites T2 DMX Interface
Avolites Titan Mobile Console
Avolites Titan Mobile Wing
Backstage Handbook
Battle Fogger 110V (Timer Remote Included)
BlackWrap 12 Inch X 50 Feet Roll
BlackWrap 24inx25ft Roll
Blizzard LB PAR™ HEX
Blizzard Lux Capacitor™
Blizzard MystACL™ Z
Blue CFL Twist Bulb
Blue Water Prismatics
Boomerang Handle
Bottom Hanger Iron
Bubble Fluid Gallon
Bubble King™
Cable Path Tunnel Tape 4 Inch
Canto 1000 TH Tungsten Followspot
Canto Astro 200 LED Followspot
Canto RETRO-Fusion LED Retrofit Series
C-Clip Truss Protector- Black
C-Clip Truss Protector- White
CD80SV Dual 20A Contactor Module Non-Dim Module
CD80SV Standard SSR Dual 20A Dimmer Module
: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
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2 Cinegel 3208 Quarter Blue Color Filter
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3 Apollo 4350 Sultry Blue Color Filter
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Founded in 1978, Vincent Lighting Systems is a full-service lighting and rigging company. Our online store offers a convenient way to purchase many common lighting and production supplies, but we do so much more. With 3 full-service locations in the Midwest, we offer product salesproduction servicesrentals, repairtrainingstage rigging and stage curtains, stage safety inspections and systems integration

Don't know exactly what you need? No need to figure it out on your own. We love sharing our knowledge. 

Contact us and we'll help you find the right products to fit your needs.

Vincent Lighting Systems

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