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ADJ WiFLY EXR Battery Transceiver ADJ WiFLY EXR Battery Transceiver
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ADJ Element ST HEX
LumenRadio MoonLite Wireless CRMX
Vincent Lighting Systems - Product Index
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Off Broadway Earth Umber -Gallon
Off Broadway Emerald Green -Gallon
Off Broadway Fire Red -Gallon
Off Broadway Gold -Gallon
Off Broadway Golden Yellow -Gallon
Off Broadway Imperial Green -Gallon
Off Broadway Lemon Yellow -Gallon
Off Broadway Magenta -Gallon
Off Broadway Navy -Gallon
Off Broadway Orange -Gallon
Off Broadway Paynes Grey -Gallon
Off Broadway Pthalo Blue -Gallon
Off Broadway Pthalo Green -Gallon
Off Broadway Purple -Gallon
Off Broadway Raw Sienna- Gallon
Off Broadway Raw Umber -Gallon
Off Broadway Silver -Gallon
Off Broadway Sky Blue -Gallon
Off Broadway Ultramarine Blue- Gallon
Off Broadway Van Dyke Brown -Gallon
Off Broadway White -Gallon
Off Broadway White White -Gallon
Off Broadway Yellow Ochre -Gallon
Opto Branch 8
Osram 500W EHC/EHB Lamp
Osram 575W 95V HMI W/SEL XS Lamp
Osram BHC DYS DYV 600W 120V Lamp
Osram BTH 575W 115V Lamp
Osram BTL 500W 120V Lamp
Osram BTN 750W 120V Lamp
Osram BTP 750W 120V Lamp
Osram BTR Lamp 1000W 120V
Osram BVT 1000W 120V Lamp
Osram BVV 1000W 120V Lamp
Osram BVW 2000W 120V Lamp
Osram CYX 2000W 120V Lamp
Osram DTA 1500W 120V Lamp
Osram EFX 500W 120V Lamp
Osram EGE 500W 120V Lamp
Osram EGG 750W 120V Lamp
Osram EGJ 1000W 120V Lamp
Osram EGT 1000W 120V Lamp
Osram EHD 500W 120V Lamp
Osram EHG 750W 120V Lamp
Osram EHT 250W 120V Lamp
Osram EVR 500W 120V Lamp
Osram FCL 500W 120V Lamp
Osram FCM 1000W 120V Lamp
Osram FEL 1000W 120V Lamp
Osram FEY 2000W 120V Lamp
Osram FFT 1000W 120V Lamp
Osram FHM 1000W 120V Lamp
Osram FKW 300W 120V CP81 Lamp
Osram FLE 360W 82V 2 Pin Lamp
Osram FLK 575W 115V Lamp
Osram FLK 575W 115V Long Life Lamp
Osram FRG 500W 120V Lamp
Osram FRK 650W 120V Lamp
Osram FTK 500W 120V Lamp
Osram GCA 250W Lamp
Osram GLA/LL 575W 115V Long Life Lamp
Osram GLC 575W 115V Lamp
Osram HPL 375W 115V Long Life Lamp
Osram HPL 550W 77V Lamp
Osram HPL 575W 115V Lamp
Osram HPL 575W 115V Long Life Lamp
Osram HPL 575W 120V Lamp
Osram HPL 750 Watt 115V Long Life Lamp
Osram HPL 750W 115V Lamp
Osram HPL 750W 120V Long Life Lamp
Osram Kreios FLx 90W
Osram MR-16 Socket w/ Leads TP40 12IN/18GA/ULSF1
Osram SharXS HTI 1200W/D7/60 Lamp
Osram Studioline 3200 55W Lamp
Ovation CYC 1 FC
Ovation F-55FC 3-Inch Inkie Fresnel RGBAL
Ovation GR1-IP IP65 Rated Gobo Rotator
Ovation P-56FC RGBAL PAR
Ovation™ B-2805FC
Ovation™ B-565FC
Ovation™ C-805FC
Ovation™ E-190WW
Ovation™ E-260WW 19 Degree
Ovation™ E-260WW 26 Degree
Ovation™ E-260WW 36 Degree
Ovation™ E-260WW 50 Degree
Ovation™ E-260WW IP
Ovation™ E-910FC 19 Degree
Ovation™ E-910FC 26 Degree
Ovation™ E-910FC 36 Degree
Ovation™ E-910FC 50 Degree
Ovation™ E-910FC IP
Ovation™ ED-190WW
Ovation™ ED-200WW
Ovation™ E-Series 15°–30° Lens Tube
Ovation™ E-Series 19° Lens Tube
Ovation™ E-Series 25°–50° Lens Tube
Ovation™ E-Series 26° Lens Tube
Ovation™ E-Series 36° Lens Tube
Ovation™ E-Series 50° Lens Tube
Ovation™ ETD-40WW
Ovation™ F 6.25" Barndoor
Ovation™ F 7.5" Barndoor
Ovation™ F-415FC
Ovation™ F-415VW
Ovation™ FD-105WW LED Fresnel
Ovation™ FD-165WW
Ovation™ FD-205WW LED Fresnel Wash
Ovation™ H-105WW
Ovation™ SP-300CW Followspot
Pathway #1002 Opto-Splitter
Pathway 16 Channel eDIN Demultiplexer
Pathway 8-Way DMXRepeater w/Front XLR5
Pathway 8-Way DMXRepeater w/Rear XLR5
Pathway Cognito2 PC Key512
Pathway Cognito2 Pro1024 Console
Pathway Cognito2 Pro512 Console
Pathway Cognito2 Starter 512 Console
Pathway DUAL XLR5(M/F) Insert
Pathway Male 5-Pin XLR XLR5(M) Insert Black
Pathway XLR3(F) Insert
Pathway XLR3(M) Insert
Pathway XLR5(F) Insert
Pathway XLR5(M) Insert
Philips 250W MSD/2 90V Lamp
Philips 575W MSR/2 95V Lamp
Philips 700W MSR SA 72V Lamp
Philips GRS 750W FastFit Lamp
Philips NPA FastFit 575W Lamp
PHX ERS Tungsten HPL 19°
PHX ERS Tungsten HPL 26°
PHX ERS Tungsten HPL 36°
PHX ERS Tungsten HPL 50°
PHX LED 15 - 35-Degree ZOOM RGBW Profile Spot
Pin Splitter II
Pin Wire
Pinspot LED II
PLProfile1 MKII LED Luminaire (18-34 Zoom)
PLProfile1 MKII LED Luminaire (24-44 Zoom)
Pocket Console DMX
PowerCON Connector Out/Gray
PowerRAMP® Crossover Cable Protector
Premier Fog Effects Generator 110V (Timer Included)
Premium Haze Fluid (PHF)
Pro Caution Ribbon Non-Adhesive Hazard Tape
Pro Fetti Metallic PVC (1lb Bag Free Flow) - Silver
Pro Fetti Multi Color Sleeve
Pro Gaff Blue Tape 2 Inch
Pro Gaff Fluorescent Green Tape 2 Inch
Pro Gaff Fluorescent Pink Tape 2 Inch
Pro Gaff Fluorescent Yellow Tape 2 Inch
Pro Gaff Fluorescent Yellow Tape 3 Inch
Pro Gaff Green Tape 2 Inch
Pro Gaff Grey Tape 3 Inch
Pro Gaff Red Tape 2 Inch
Pro Glow Gaff Tape 2 Inch
Pro Leather Black Gloves - Large
Pro Leather Black Gloves - Medium
Pro Leather Black Gloves - Small
Pro Leather Black Gloves - XL
Pro Leather Black Gloves - XSmall
Pro Leather Black Gloves - XXL
Pro Spike Black Tape .5 Inch
Pro Spike Fluorescent Blue Tape .5 Inch
Pro Splice Vinyl Dance Floor Tape 2"
Pro Tapes Artist Tape White 3/4"
Pro-500 Double Sided Blue Tape 2 Inch
ProChroma 2inx20yds Chroma Blue Tape
ProChroma 2inx20yds Chroma Green Tape
Pro-Console White Artist Tape .75 Inch
ProDuct 4inx60yds Black Tape
Pro-Gaffer Black Tape 2 Inch
Pro-Gaffer Black Tape 3 Inch
Pro-Gaffer Brown Tape 2 Inch
Pro-Gaffer Fluorescent Orange Tape 2 Inch
Pro-Gaffer Grey Tape 2 Inch
Pro-Gaffer Tape White 2 Inch
Pro-Glow Tape .5 Inch
Pro-Glow Tape 1 Inch
ProPlex® IQ Micro Ethernet/DMX Node
Pro-Spike Electric Blue Tape .5 Inch
Pro-Spike Fluorescent Green Tape .5 Inch
Pro-Spike Fluorescent Orange Tape .5 Inch
Pro-Spike Fluorescent Pink Tape .5 Inch
Pro-Spike Fluorescent Yellow Tape .5 Inch
Pro-Spike Green Tape .5 Inch
Pro-Spike Purple Tape .5 Inch
Pro-Spike Red Tape .5 Inch
Pro-Spike Teal Tape .5 Inch
Pro-Spike White Tape .5 Inch
Pro-Spike Yellow Tape .5 Inch
ProTape .5inx60yd Black Artist Paper Tape
ProTape .5inx60yd White Artist Paper Tape
ProTape .75inx60yds Black Artist Paper Tape
Purlin Clamp with 1/2" Fasteners, Black
Purlin Clamp with 1/2" Fasteners, Silver
Purlin Clamp with 3/8" Fasteners, Black
Purlin Clamp with 3/8" Fasteners, Silver
Q8 Travel H181 Travel Kit
QDF Quick Dissipating Fluid Gallon
QolorFLEX® 5-in-1 LED Strip Tape 24V
QolorFLEX® 5x8A Dimmer 5809
QolorFLEX® NuNeon™ 24V LED Neon Effect Lighting, 10m
QolorFLEX® NuNeon™ RGB LED 24V Neon Effect Linear Lighting, 5m
Quick Dissipating Snow Fluid 5L Jug
Quick Shot Paper Launcher
Radiance Hazer 110V
Rain Glass Image Glass
Red Sparkelite ColorWaves
Rescue Tape Black 1 Inch x 12ft
Rescue Tape Black 2 Inch x 36ft Fusing Silicone Tape
Rescue Tape Clear 1 Inch x 12ft
Rescue Tape White 1 Inch x 12ft
RevoPRO™ Dual Programmable Rotator
Robe onePATT™
Robe T1 Profile FS™
Robe T1 Profile™
Robert Juliat Cricket Tungsten Followspot
Robert Juliat Roxie2 300W CW LED Followspot
Robert Juliat Roxie2 300W NDW LED Followspot
Robert Juliat Roxie2 300W WW LED Followspot
Rogue R1 BeamWash
Rogue R1 FX-B 5-LED RGBW Moving Head
Rogue R1X Spot 170W Moving Light
Rogue R2X Beam
Rogue R2X Spot
Rogue R3 Spot
Rogue R3 Wash
Rosco Gobo 78413 Angles Rotation
Rosco 26082827 Day of the Dead Tribal Woman
Rosco 3x3 Tall Window 78486 Steel Gobo
Rosco 45° Shear Polar 81103 B/W Glass Gobo
Rosco 48" T8 Quick Color Sleeve
Rosco 78754 Floral
Rosco 78755 Flower
Rosco 78756 Flying Discs Steel Gobo
Rosco 78757 Iron Scroll
Rosco 78758 Fan Tiles 1
Rosco 78759 Fan Tiles 2
Rosco 78762 Subway A
Rosco 78763 Subway 3
Rosco 78765 Cloud Linear
Rosco 78769 Dance Slippers with Bow Ribbons
Rosco 78770 Dance Slippers En Pointe
Rosco 78771 Ballerina 1
Rosco 78772 Duet
Rosco 78773 Pas De Deux
Rosco 78774 Grande Jete
: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
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2 Lee 119 Dark Blue Color Filter
more details
3 E-Colour 787 Marius Red Color Filter
more details

Founded in 1978, Vincent Lighting Systems is a full-service lighting and rigging company. Our online store offers a convenient way to purchase many common lighting and production supplies, but we do so much more. With 3 full-service locations in the Midwest, we offer product salesproduction servicesrentals, repairtrainingstage rigging and stage curtains, stage safety inspections and systems integration

Don't know exactly what you need? No need to figure it out on your own. We love sharing our knowledge. 

Contact us and we'll help you find the right products to fit your needs.

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