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Vincent Lighting Systems - Product Index
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Rosco 78775 Ballerina 2
Rosco 78776 Celtic Border 2
Rosco 78777 Tall Grass
Rosco 78778 Solar System
Rosco 78779 Fruit Setting
Rosco 78780 Stacked Coins
Rosco 78783 Mexican Eagle
Rosco 78785 Animation Wheel 1
Rosco 78786 Awareness Ribbon
Rosco 78787 Ghost Breakup 1
Rosco 78788 Ghost Breakup 2
Rosco 78789 Ghost Breakup 3
Rosco 78790 Vined Fence
Rosco 78791 Mine Shaft
Rosco 78792 Patchy Lines Breakup A
Rosco 78793 Patchy Lines Breakup B
Rosco 78794 Circling Birds A
Rosco 78795 Circling Birds B
Rosco 78796 Cloud Fingers
Rosco 78797 Mis Quince Anos 1
Rosco 78798 Mis Quince Anos 2
Rosco 78799 Tucci Windows
Rosco 78800 Tucci Cactus 1
Rosco 78801 Tucci Cactus 2
Rosco 78804 Tucci Clouds
Rosco 82817 Circling Birds Silhouette 2
Rosco 82818 Cloud Cover Animation Wheel
Rosco 82819 Bowtie Pasta
Rosco 82820 Penne Pasta
Rosco 82821 Day of the Dead Dancing Couple
Rosco 82822 Day of the Dead Dead Bride
Rosco 82823 Day of the Dead Dead Madame
Rosco 82824 Day of the Dead Horse and Rider
Rosco 82825 Day of the Dead Wife and Husband
Rosco 82826 Day of the Dead Sun
Rosco 82828 Day of the Dead Band
Rosco 82829 Bride Silhouette
Rosco 82830 Groom Silhouette
Rosco 82831 Bride & Groom 1st Dance
Rosco 82834 Ballerina Silhouette
Rosco 82835 Star Trail Animation Wheel
Rosco 82836 Cloud Cover 2 Animation Wheel
Rosco 82837 Bride Silhouette with Bouquet
Rosco 82838 Groom in Suit
Rosco 82839 Happy Couple
Rosco 82840 Kissing Under Trellis
Rosco 82841 Kissing Under Tree
Rosco 82842 Kiss Silhouette Under Tree Grayscale
Rosco 82843 All My Hearts
Rosco 82844 Rose Bouquet
Rosco 82845 Bloat 1
Rosco 82846 Bloat 2
Rosco 82847 Blossom
Rosco 82848 Circles 1
Rosco 82849 Circles 2
Rosco 82850 Xs Crossed
Rosco 82851 Desert Sun 1
Rosco 82852 Desert Sun 2
Rosco 82853 Office Window
Rosco 82854 Plaster
Rosco 82855 Radial 1
Rosco 82856 Radial 2
Rosco 82857 Reflective Diamonds
Rosco Abstract Leaves Steel Foliage Breakup Gobo 77102
Rosco Academia 77429 Steel Gobo
Rosco Astrolab 78416 Steel Gobo
Rosco Atrium Star 78728 Steel Gobo
Rosco Autumn Breakup 77572 Steel Gobo
Rosco B/W Full Moon Glass Gobo 81174
Rosco Bare Branches 1 Steel Gobo by Robin Wagner
Rosco Basket Weave 77204 Steel Gobo
Rosco Baubles Steel Gobo 77942
Rosco Belfry 77147 Window Steel Gobo
ROSCO Black Vinyl Dance Floor Tape
Rosco Breakup Large 77722 Steel Gobo
Rosco Bright Nebula 86666 Multi-Color Glass Gobo
Rosco Brush Strokes 77913 Steel Gobo
Rosco Calculation 78462 Steel Gobo
Rosco Cathedral Arch 78492 Steel Gobo
Rosco Chinese Lattice 78210 Steel Gobo
Rosco Christmas Leaves Steel Gobo 77954
Rosco Chroma Key Green Paint - Gallon
Rosco City Lights 77786 Steel Gobo
Rosco City Nightscape Steel Gobo 71012
Rosco Clear Flat Acrylic Glaze - Gallon
Rosco Clear Vinyl Dance Floor Tape
Rosco Clock Face 77920 Steel Gobo
Rosco Cloud 3 (77713) Steel Gobo
Rosco Cloud 9 (77167) Steel Gobo
Rosco Color Effects Filter Kit 12" x 12"
Rosco Concentric Rings 77762 Steel Gobo
Rosco Cool Lavender Prismatics
Rosco Crawford Leaf Steel Breakup Gobo 78766
Rosco Crystaline Prismatics
Rosco Damask 82871 B/W Glass Gobo
Rosco Dancing Music 71020 Steel Gobos
Rosco DMX Iris™
Rosco Dolphins 78633 Steel Gobo
Rosco Dove of Peace 78089 Steel Gobo
Rosco Dream Catcher 78403 Steel Gobo
Rosco Eyes 78106 Steel Gobo
Rosco Fairy Castle 77213 Steel Gobo
Rosco Fantasy Castle Steel Gobo 77842
Rosco Fiery Sun Prismatics 43806
Rosco Fish Scales 78641 Abstract Steel Gobo
Rosco Fishes 77559 Steel Gobo
Rosco Flamex PA Paint Additive
Rosco Fog Fluid 4L
Rosco GAM Alternate Lightning Steel Gobo G369
Rosco GAM Autumn Leaves G307 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Bars G249 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Bay Window G208 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Big Burst Steel Gobo G804
Rosco GAM Broken Lines Steel Gobo G623
Rosco GAM Byzantine G803 Window Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Candles G361 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Chain Link Fence G263 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Chancery Window G389 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Chandelier Steel Gobo G719
Rosco GAM Church Window Steel Gobo G202
Rosco GAM City Lights Steel Gobo G261
Rosco GAM Cloud 3 G226 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Cloud 4 G227 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Cloud 6 G229 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Evergreen Trees G529 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Evergreens G388 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Fairytale Birds G574 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Fastasy Castle Steel Gobo G316
Rosco GAM Fence G738 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Flagstone Small G703 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Fleur de Lis G729 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Handwriting Steel Abstract Gobo G853
Rosco GAM Hearts G293 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Jazz G925 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Kwanzaa Steel Gobo G903
Rosco GAM Menorah Steel Gobo G814
Rosco GAM Old City Windows G565 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Persian Window G918 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Plaid B G733 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Pointillism G547 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Reversed Saplings Steel Gobo G510
Rosco GAM Rose Window G376 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Row of Trees G363 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Saplings Steel Gobo G351
Rosco GAM Slender Trees Steel Gobo G654
Rosco GAM Small Evening Stars G314 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Star Breakup Metal Gobo G243
Rosco GAM Star of David Steel Gobo G323
Rosco GAM Water 1 G326 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Water 2 (G327) Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Water 4 G793 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Window Shades G207 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Windows 2 G512 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Windows 4 G514 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Wreath with Candles Metal Gobo G813
Rosco GAM Wrought Iron Fence G262 Steel Gobo
Rosco GAM Zig Zag Motion G507 Steel Gobo
Rosco Georgian Shadow 77644 Steel Gobo
Rosco Gobo - Love
Rosco Gobo 71005 Bark Breakup 1
Rosco Gobo 74009 Symmetric 9
Rosco Gobo 74022 Symmetric 22
Rosco Gobo 76597 Scrunched
Rosco Gobo 76612 Easter Eggs
Rosco Gobo 77090 Bars
Rosco Gobo 77107 Pine Branches
Rosco Gobo 77112 Stars 1
Rosco Gobo 77119 Leaf Breakup Small
Rosco Gobo 77122 Waving US Flag
Rosco Gobo 77524 Squares
Rosco Gobo 77557 Skeleton
Rosco Gobo 77561 Linear 7
Rosco Gobo 77570 Sponged
Rosco Gobo 77701 Shutters
Rosco Gobo 77721 Breakup Small
Rosco Gobo 77732 Realistic Leaves
Rosco Gobo 77756 Grating
Rosco Gobo 77768 Stars & Stripes 2
Rosco Gobo 77774 Blossoms
Rosco Gobo 77779 Foliage Medium
Rosco Gobo 77809 Sharp Breakup
Rosco Gobo 77809 Sharp Breakup
Rosco Gobo 77811 Soft Breakup
Rosco Gobo 77869 Stars & Stripes ( R)
Rosco Gobo 77870 Stars & Stripes (W)
Rosco Gobo 77871 Stars & Stripes (B)
Rosco Gobo 77948 Pumpkin
Rosco Gobo 78017 Happy Easter
Rosco Gobo 78022 Ghetto 2
Rosco Gobo 78061 Plain Cross
Rosco Gobo 78101 Trick or Treat
Rosco Gobo 78103 Ghost I
Rosco Gobo 78180 Single
Rosco Gobo 78402 Dream Grill
Rosco Gobo 78411 Swirls Steel
Rosco Gobo 78414 Art Deco
Rosco Gobo 78421 Jagged Moonlight
Rosco Gobo 78446 Frozen Rain
Rosco Gobo 78513 Christ Agony
Rosco Gobo 78514 Christ
Rosco Gobo 78515 On The Cross
Rosco Gobo 78517 Golgotha
Rosco Gobo 78518 Suffering Cross
Rosco Gobo 78519 Humble
Rosco Gobo 78520 Prayer
Rosco Gobo 78521 Clasped Hands
Rosco Gobo 78603 Witches Moon
Rosco Gobo 78658 Filled
Rosco Gobo 78659 Heart
Rosco Gobo 78660 Heart of Hearts
Rosco Gobo 78761 Mazel Tov Scroll
Rosco Gobo 78767 Lace Heart
Rosco Gobo 78768 Dance Slippers
Rosco Gobo 78781 Mosaic 1
Rosco Gobo 78782 Mosaic 2
Rosco Gobo 78784 Frothy Waters
Rosco Gobo 79650 Bubbles Small
Rosco Gobo 79654 Blobs
Rosco Gobo 79657 Pine Branches 2
Rosco Happy Hanukah Steel Gobo 78006
Rosco Happy New Year Steel Gobo 77982
Rosco Heart 77943 Steel Gobo
Rosco Holly 2 Steel Gobo 76576
Rosco Hour Hand 77921 Steel Gobo
Rosco Hypnotic Fan Rotation Steel Gobo 78473
Rosco I-Cue™ Intelligent Mirror
Rosco Image Spot IP65
Rosco Jungle Leaves Steel Breakup Pattern 77126
Rosco Lattice 77124 Steel Gobo
Rosco Leaf Breakup Medium Steel Gobo 77805
Rosco Linear 4 (77502) Steel Gobo
Rosco Menorah Steel Gobo 78007
Rosco Merry Christmas Steel Gobo 77939
Rosco Midnight Snow 77854 Steel Gobo
Rosco Mini-V Fog Machine
Rosco Minute Hand 77922 Steel Gobo
Rosco MIXBOOK™ Digital Swatchbook
Rosco Monkeys 78676 Steel Gobo
Rosco Moon and Stars 78121 Steel Gobo
Rosco Moon Steel Gobo 77220
Rosco Mottle Breakup Steel Gobo 71041
Rosco Mountain 2 (76504) Steel Gobo
Rosco Nightlights 3 (77824) Steel Gobo
Rosco Ocelot Large Foliage Breakup Steel Gobo 77410
Rosco Ocelot Medium Foliage Breakup Steel Gobo 77409
Rosco Ocelot Small Foliage Breakup Steel Gobo 77408
Rosco Off Broadway Paint Test Kit
Rosco Open Palm 77281 Steel Gobo
Rosco OPTI-SCULPT™ 10 deg. 24" x 20" Sheet
Rosco OPTI-SCULPT™ 10x20 deg. 24" x 20" Sheet
: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
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2 Lee 119 Dark Blue Color Filter
more details
3 E-Colour 787 Marius Red Color Filter
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Founded in 1978, Vincent Lighting Systems is a full-service lighting and rigging company. Our online store offers a convenient way to purchase many common lighting and production supplies, but we do so much more. With 3 full-service locations in the Midwest, we offer product salesproduction servicesrentals, repairtrainingstage rigging and stage curtains, stage safety inspections and systems integration

Don't know exactly what you need? No need to figure it out on your own. We love sharing our knowledge. 

Contact us and we'll help you find the right products to fit your needs.

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