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Rosco Adagio Tour Marley Mat Kit - Black/Grey
Rosco Marley Mat

Rosco Adagio Tour Marley Mat Kit - Black/Grey

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Turn your spare time into rehearsal time! Rosco's Marley Mat Home Dance Floor Kits are designed for small dance surfaces designed for home use - no matter the reason. Rosco Marley Mats are made using Rosco's professional-grade Adagio Tour flooring which is the same material used by professional touring companies and dance competitions around the world. 

  • Pair with a Rosco PortaBarre and transform your at-home space into a home studio
  • Includes (1) roll of Rosco Floor Tape (color matches the floor)
  • Choose between Black or Grey
  • Floor measures 63" x 72"
  • Roll of Floor Tape measures 1.9" x 108.2' 
Designed to provide a dance surface that rolls out quickly and easily, Marley Mats feature a "limited slip" grip, making them perfect for practicing ballet, jazz, and modern dance at home. For more information, review Rosco's Floor Install Manual.

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