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Clear Gloss Acrylic Glaze
Rosco Clear Gloss Acrylic Glaze Gallon

Clear Gloss Acrylic Glaze

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Rosco Gloss Clear Acrylic Glaze - Gallon
Part Number: 150055800128
Every scenic painter needs to keep stock of clear acrylic glaze. Rosco Gloss Clear Acrylic Glaze has many uses in stage painting and scenic production. 

Use gloss glaze to create a shiny topcoat, and to protect your work under a durable acrylic layer. The acrylic finish is so tough that it's often used to treat stage floors against wear and tear. 

Add Rosco Gloss Clear Acrylic glaze to tempura or casein paints to increase binding strength, it even increases the flexibility of the coating. Gloss glaze is used in a variety of stage painting techniques to create deep wood grain and marble effects.

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