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Rosco Gobo 77090 Bars
Rosco Gobo 77090 Bars

Rosco Gobo 77090 Bars

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Rosco 77090 Bars Steel Gobo
Part Number: 25077090

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Bars is a metal gobo that projects seven parallel bars of light of equal width. Designers use this pattern to create the effect of light passing through a fence, cage, or structure. Shutter cuts allow designers to use just the number of bars needed according to their design and intent. Use Bars to suggest locations such as jail cells, trellised verandas, or interiors where light enters through blinds or wall slats. Rosco steel gobos are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate most theatrical lighting fixtures. Gobos can be sized to fit profile fixtures, ellipsoidal reflector spotlights, and hard edged moving lights. Rosco metal gobos are etched on stainless steel to produce a durable pattern that will stand up to the high heat generated by theatrical lighting instruments.

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