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Rosco Gobo 77524 Squares
Rosco Gobo 77524 Squares

Rosco Gobo 77524 Squares

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Rosco 77524 Squares Steel Gobo
Part Number: 25077524

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The Squares gobo can be used to suggest a variety of environments. By varying the hanging angle and sharpness of focus, this gobo simulates everything from fences and lattice to skyscrapers and windows. It also works well in gobo rotators where the checked linear texture lends plenty of flicker and motion. Rosco steel gobos are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate most theatrical lighting fixtures. Gobos can be sized to fit profile fixtures, ellipsoidal reflector spotlights, and hard edged moving lights. Rosco metal gobos are etched on stainless steel to produce a durable pattern that will stand up to the high heat generated by theatrical lighting instruments.

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