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Rosco Flamex PA Paint Additive
Roscoflamex PA Paint Additive 8oz. Bottle

Rosco Flamex PA Paint Additive

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Rosco Flamex PA Flame Retardant Paint Additive 8 oz. Bottle
Part Number: 150079PA0008
Flamex PA is a clear, un-pigmented additive for creating a flame retardant paint layer. One 8 oz. jar of Flamex treats 1 gallon of water based paint and will provide protection to approximately 300 square feet. 

Rosco Flamex PA can be used with many brands of vinyl acrylic and latex paints. For effective treatment, coat your surface with at least 4 mil of treated paint (measured dry). 

Rosco's Flamex PA is comparable to their original P50 formula and can be mixed with Rosco scenic compounds, added to black for back-painting flats, or mixed with matte or gloss acrylic glazes to form a clear protective shell coating.

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