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Roscosleeve T8 48
Roscosleeve T8 Fluorescent Color Filter

Roscosleeve T8 48" Fluorescent Color Filter

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T8 Roscosleeve 48" Fluorescent Light Color Media
Part Number: 110084014808
Rosco builds the Roscosleeve to provide their full range of color filters in a fluorescent compatible package. 

Use Roscosleeve to create special effects on stage, to customize lighting in restaurants, meeting spaces, or other public space or load it with color correction filters to shoot video and film in office areas, or anywhere that you might find 48 inch T8 fluorescents. 

The T8 size Roscosleeve includes a UV filter to prevent premature color fading. Each sleeve also includes end caps to keep the fluorescent lamps securely contained and prevent glass from falling in the case of breakage.

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