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Lamps By Base Type

Vincent Lighting Systems carries the replacement lamps you need for your lighting equipment. From EMEPs, to bi-pins, to bi-pins with Heatsink, keep your equipment running smoothly with our great selection. Browse below by base type, or contact us with questions
Extended Mogul End Prong (EMEP)
Buy par lamps and other Extended Mogul End Prong lamps at shop.vls.com.
G9.5 (Bi-Pin)
Browse our selection of G9.5 Base lamps. These are used in a wide variety of stage lights and architectural lighting fixtures.
G9.5 with Heatsink
Vincent Lighting Systems carries a selection of G9.5 Bi-pin replacement lamps with Heatsink to meet all your lighting needs. Check out our bestselling HPL 575W 115V lamps, or take a look at our selection below.
 Products (Total Items: 1)
GE GLE 750W Long Life Lamp 88426
GE GLE 750W Long Life Lamp 88426
Your Price: $36.25
Not sure which lamp to buy? Let us know how we can help!
We provide an extensive range of lamps and expert advice on the best lamp for your fixture.

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